“WATER IN THE CUP” by Ikuo Kato

Drawing animation.(Colored pencils and CRAY-PAS)
Year 2018
time 5:43

Water is in the cup.
Water goes to the sky and extends to outer space.
Then return to the ground.
Its iteration.

The theme of this work is the circulation of everything.
“A human being is like water, the state of putting water in a water bottle is a human being, and it has an ego and personality by a water bottle, but if it breaks the water bottle, everything is the same water.”
This work progressed in a single cut like the flow of water, so that the beginning and the end are looped at the same cut.

“My socks” by Ikuo Kato

Drawing animation(adobe photoshop).
year 2012
time 7:14

One day at school, a kid gets his socks so dirty while playing with his friends.
Afraid of being scolded by his mother, he hides the socks at home so she won’t be able to find them. However, by doing so, the kid gets to feel more and more frightened, imagining what if they get found, and overwhelmed by the feeling of guilty.

・Sapporo International Short Film Festival 8th Best Non-Dialog Award.
・10th Asiana International Short Film Festival(AISFF2012)
・ANIMATEKA2012 the Elephant International Children Competition Programme
・12th International Festival of Animated Films AniFest
・59th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen the Children’s and Youth Film Competition
・KIKI – 2nd International Children’s Film Festival, Croatia
・Animage 2013
・32th Vancouver International Film Festival